Saturday, September 25, 2010

I am not complaining!

I am only complaining for a minute, but disclaimer: I promise that I am having an amazing time, that I am very happy here, and that the only reason this "blog" is full of angsty stories is because those are the only interesting ones.

Last night our taxi driver (driving a sedan with 6 girls as passengers, sorry mom/dad, it isn't the worst thing i could do in the middle east) was very very drunk and high. He was swerving, wasn't watching the road, was touching my friend's back very sketchily (new adverb), was telling us about american marijuana and how he smoked it, refused to stop the car when we asked him to, kept driving, and then pulled out a 1/4 full bottle of whiskey and started drinking it. Needless to say, we opened the door in the middle of the street, bailed, and did not pay. We walked quickly up the street to more populated areas (it was 10pm) until we found our guy friends. Then, 10 minutes later, our taxi driver found us, started screaming out the window at us to pay him, and then we gave up on all rules about being inconspicuous and sprinted down the street to a crowded burger king to hide. He didn't find us, but still, it was not fun. Turns out that running through the streets in a group of 6 American girls makes people think you're in serious trouble, so all the cars were stopping and people were trying to ask us what was happening.

Next- my peer tutor is a very conservative hijab-wearning young lady who told me today that she doesn't like American pop music because "it is all about girls and boys loving each other and doing things that I don't do and I do not love any boy, so I cannot listen to it". Interesting, but valid.

P.S. it was my birthday, i am 20. blah.

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