Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not very interesting, but.

I had an ordinary and much needed weekend at home to catch up on work I missed (or just didn't do ) while I was sick and to clean this dirty, dirty apartment.
My friends and I went out semi-unsuccessfully, because there wasn't much exciting to do. When that happens, we normally end up just eating disgusting food late at night, which is a habit I really, really need to avoid.

This week is going to be hectic and semi-painful. We need to get blood tests and finger prints taken to get our visa extensions, so we're doing that this week. In my internship, I have to write a project proposal for a research project on gender issues in Jordan. So far I've found a good amount to work with, but I'm going to have to become more knowledgeable on the subject before I can write a proposal. I also need to contact and compile a list of potential partners on the project and donors, which will be educational-- I'll need to learn about all of the NGOs and such in Jordan who work with women's issues. There might not be that many. I'll update with fun facts once I discover them. For now, I have one:
Men who kill a female family member out of emotional rage or fear of losing the family's honor get a reduced sentence in court (honor killings, yay). Example: If Brian were to kill me because he found out I secretly took a job without my family's permission, and he was upset, his sentence would be around 2 years or less. If he killed me on accident, his sentence would be more like 3+ years in prison.
Another one!
If a man rapes a woman, he can walk free with no sentence or criminal proceedings if he promises to marry the woman he raped. Lucky girl.
Fun stuff!
Arabic is really hard but I'm learning a lot. Taxi drivers are beginning to understand me. 
I'm going to Egypt on Thursday (Cairo)! My first big out-of-the-country adventure begins.

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