Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend in Aqaba

This weekend I went back to the port city of Aqaba, on the Red Sea, with 7 of my friends. It was madness. I ate meat (!!!) and we made so many interesting decisions.

There was singing of the national anthem (not by me) on the porch of a Jordanian hotel, getting lost in closets, Jordanian stalkers that had to be physically prevented from following some of us (me) ever again by the guys, too much Mcdonalds, fresh fish cooked on the boat (pictured above), a British  CIA agent (James Bond), lots of falafel, some shey (tea), snorkeling in the red sea, naps (in the picture too), a missed bus on the last day, and a 4-hour impromptu taxi ride home to Amman.

We're alive and well, and the weekend was successful, and now I'm doubling up on going to the gym and doing my Arabic homework for the rest of my life. I made myself stir fry because I really am sick of all this Jordanian nonsense food. I think I have bed bugs. We're hiring a maid.

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