Monday, November 1, 2010

Bunny story

You know you've been in Jordan for a little too long when you almost burst into tears (of relief) at safeway because you found ANNIE'S ORGANIC MICROWAVABLE mexican tamales. I don't even like tamales, but I know that they will actually be
a. healthy
b. not middle eastern
c. vegetarian

Everything here takes so much longer and is so difficult that I'm in a serious love-hate relationship with this place. It's making my experience that much better (really) because instead of being content all the time, I am either fuming about the dumb middle east/furious or ecstatic/never wanting to leave. Today, I was ecstatic because I ran 6 miles and had a really amazing work out. Then, it took me 30 minutes to get a taxi home. Happy to mad in about 30 minutes. After, I went to safeway and was so happy to find vegetarian/american goods that my mood is completely revitalized. That's all.

The actual point of this blog post rant: Last week, we were assigned 'local materials' in Arabic class to take home, read, and go over in class. She gave us as our reading a very famous children's book story about a bunny named Mishu. Apparently every child reads this, and it's as important to them as Dr. Suess or fairy tales or something are to us. The story is pretty simple; bunny and his friends use their mom's money to buy carrots instead of bread, eat the carrots, bunny lies to his mom about what he did with the money, mom finds out, bunny is in trouble, bunny learns to be honest.
THE CATCH: At the end of the story, right before the part in which Mishu the bunny learns his lesson as he reflects upon his actions before bed, HIS DAD BUNNY BEATS HIM.! Literally! The translation is "Mishu's father beat him very hard" and the picture is of the bunny CRYING. I'm definitely in the Middle East. Let's make sure the Tea Party doesn't get a hold of that story.

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