Monday, November 29, 2010

t-giving and christmas

We had thanksgiving in Amman and it was very successful, me and the 5 other girls made a classy feast INCLUDING a turkey which I tried a nibble of because my father told me to. I made corn pudding and pound cake. Also, since Christmas apparently isn't big in a Muslim country, my roommates and I had to find our own Christmas lights to put inside the apartment, snip dusty plant-life from the neighbors' trees, and turn my Arabic notes into snowflakes to hang from all the light fixtures. We now are semi-festive, not to mention the hand-turkey I made that is still taped to our door. I'm not sure how haram this all is, but at this point I truly don't care.

On Wednesday I'm going to Jerusalem and the West Bank for a casual weekend adventure. I'll see Bethlehem in December, which is about as Christmas-y as I can imagine, so hopefully my Jesus ornament/statue/picture/shirt fix will be fulfilled. I never knew how much I'd miss creepy Christian paraphernalia until spending this much time with the picture-free Mohammad and his friends.

Here's a photo of us at Halloween, which was obviously a month ago, because I feel dumb posting a blog update without some sort of photo:

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